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Canadian Journal of Gastroenterology
Volume 13, Issue 2, Pages 147-151
Clinical Gastroenterology

Changing Parental Nutrition Administration Sets Every 24 h versus Every 48 h in Newborn Infants

Miriam Fox, Marion Molesky, John E Van Aerde, and Sarah Muttitt

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Department of Pediatrics, Stollery Children’s Health Centre, University of Alberta Hospitals, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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OBJECTIVE: To determine whether changing total parenteral nutrition fluid administration sets (TAS) every 48 h rather than every 24 h results in a greater infusate contamination rate.

PATIENTS AND METHODS: Prospectively, 166 infants were assigned at random to have TAS changed either every 24 h or every 48 h. Samples of the infusate were cultured to determine contamination rates of the infusate in the sets and were tested from 149 of these infants. TAS was replaced every 24 h in the control group, and 445 amino acid plus dextrose solutions (AADS) and 449 lipid emulsions samples were taken for bacterial culture. Fungal cultures were also performed on 449 samples. The study group had TAS replaced every 48 h, and 454 samples of AADS were cultured for bacteria. The numbers of lipid emulsion samples sent for bacterial culture and fungal culture were 449 and 440, respectively. Information on type of intravenous access device, administration of antibiotics and blood cultures was also collected.

RESULTS: There was no difference in bacterial contamination rates for AADS or lipid emulsion from TAS changed every 24 or 48 h (Χ2, P>0.05). Lipid emulsion sampled from the 24 h group showed a statistically significant higher rate of fungal contamination than specimens from the 48 h group (P<0.01).

CONCLUSIONS: Changing TAS every 48 h versus 24 h does not increase the contamination rate of infusate in newborns.