BACKGROUND: Endoscopy accounts for a significant proportion of income for physicians practicing gastroenterology. Fees are set provincially, and the consistency with regard to compensation for colonoscopy and gastroscopy across the provinces has yet to be established.OBJECTIVE: To compare and contrast provincial endoscopy fees across Canada and internationally.METHODS: Provincial and territorial ministries responsible for health care were contacted for their most current fee schedule. This was reviewed, and the billing amounts for colonoscopy and endoscopy collected. International contacts were made with regard to rates outside of Canada.RESULTS: The mean (± SD) national fee for gastroscopy was $114.19±$31.47 per procedure, with a range of $52.50 to $156.10. Physician billing nationally averaged $170.99±$33.49 per colonoscopy procedure, with a range of $105.00 to $223.00. The province of Quebec provided the least amount of compensation for both procedures, and the province of Nova Scotia provided the most for both procedures.CONCLUSION: Physician fees for gastroscopy and colonoscopy vary widely among the provinces, and, on average, seem to be less than international rates.