Table 5: The differences of liver surface parameter at 20 minutes post-Gd-EOB-DTPA injection among different categories of fibrosis.

MRI liverbiopsy n (%)
surface irregularity gradeF0F1-F2F3-F4ComparisonChi-squared (Pearson), sig. (p),

Liver surface114(73,7)10(31,3)0(0.0)F0 vs. F1+F28,62
20 min.25 (26,3)22(68,8)3(11,1)F0 vs. F3+F438,27
30(0,0)0(0,0)24(88,9)F1+F2 vs. F3+F448,36

Differences between F0, F1-F2, and F3-F4 biopsy groups were analyzed by Pearson's chi-square test; p<0,001, p<0,01, p<0,05, NS: nonsignificant.