Table 6: The correlation between biopsy and Triple test.

Groups MR Triple test prediction n (%)
MR F0MR F1-F2MR F3-F4Pearson's correlation coefficient
sig. (P),
Spearman's correlation test coefficient (r), sig. (P),

BiopsyF0 (presumed)8(42,1)10(52,6)1(5,3)0,860,86

Pearson's and Spearman's correlation tests were used to compare biopsy groups (F0, F1-F2, and F3-F4) vs. Triple test groups MRF0, MRF1-F2, and MRF3-F4.
Correlation p<0,01, NS: nonsignificant, sig. p<0,001, p<0,01, p<0,05, NS: nonsignificant.