Table 1: Demographics and clinical characteristics of patients with cholangiocarcinoma.

VariableMean ± SD (Frequency)Range

Gender (M/F)48/38-
PLT, 109/L208.81±72.7748.6-414.0
PDW, fL17.17±8.5810.6-53.3
MPV, fL11.70±1.716.6-19.1
LYM, 109/L1.24±0.500.28-3.01
NEU, 109/L5.63±2.681.1-14.04
FIB, g/L3.94±1.321.2-7.9
TT, s18.35±2.4215.2-34.1
DD, ug/mL1.14±1.790.08-12.96
ALB, g/L36.17±6.1520-56
CRP, mg/L38±47.181-240
GPS (0/1-2)19/67-
CA199, U/ml1108.09±6780.710.6-59575
CA125, U/ml36.50±47.983.5- 246.1
CEA, ng/ml4.97±6.780.2-44.83
Differentiation (Middle-High/Low)56/29-
Lymph (+)/(-)39/47-
Nerve (+)/(-)60/26-
Stage (I-II/III-IVA)62/24-
Recurrence (Y/N)65/21-
Die (Y/N)57/29-
OS, months20.82±18.972.8-95.8
RFS, months15.35±19.141.0-95.8

PLT, platelet count, PDW, platelet distribution width, MPV, mean platelet volume, LYM, lymphocyte count NEU, neutrophil count, PLR, platelet-lymphocyte ratio, NLR, neutrophil-lymphocyte ratio, ALB, albumin, CRP, C-reactive protein, GPS, Glasgow Prognostic Score, APTT, activated partial thromboplastin time, PT, prothrombin time, INR, international normalized ratio, FIB, fibrinogen, TT, thrombin time, DD: D-dimer, Lymph: lymph node metastasis, and Nerve, nerve invasion. OS, overall survival and RFS, recurrence-free survival.