Table 2: Univariate analysis factors affect the presence of esophagitis comparing the control group to A-D groups and comparing initial (groups A and B) with the advanced (B and C) groups.

VariablesControl group Groups A-DP valueGroups A+BGroup C+DP value

Active smokers (%)47.277.5<0.000176.986.30.02

Use of statins (%)15.88<0.00017.990.3

Use of NSAIDS (%)27.133.6<0.000135.233.50.3

Use of PPI (%)46.569.5<0.000169760.08

Presence of hiatal hernia (%)28.541.4<0.000141.145.40.2

Presence of H. pylori (%)66.470.40.0269.780.60.06