Table 3: Regression analysis of the factor affecting esophagitis development.

VariablesOdds ratio 95 confidence intervalP value

Protective factors
Use of statins
 (i) Control vs. (A-D)0.463CI 0.370–0.579< 0.0001
 (ii) Control vs. A0.4970.381–0.647< 0.0001
 (iii) Control vs. B0.3660.243–0.551< 0.0001
 (iv) Control vs. C0.0360.002–0.5830.01
 (v) Control vs. D0.3540.046–2.6870.3

Promoting factors
Control vs. A-D
 (i) Use of NSAIDS1.3621.183–1.569<0.0001
 (ii) Presence of hiatal hernia1.7791.551–2.040<0.0001
 (iii) Presence of H. pylori1.8111.428–2.298<0.0001