Table 2: HBV DNA levels of the pregnant women during pregnancy and postpartum.

Group A (n=264)Group B (n=136)Group C (n=251)P
Group B vs. C

 HBV DNA (log10 copies/mL)3.51±0.587.89±0.807.73±0.650.034
before delivery
 HBV DNA (log10 copies/mL)3.89±0.457.75±0.803.60±0.36<0.001
 HBV DNA decline ≥2log10 copies/mL from baseline (n, %)00237 (94.4%)<0.001
 Undetectable HBV DNA60 (22.7%)021 (8.4%)
7 months postpartum
 HBV DNA (log10 copies/mL)3.85±0.477.74±0.893.25±0.21<0.001
 HBV DNA decline ≥2 log10 copies/mL from baseline (n, %)00251 (100%)<0.001
 Undetectable HBV DNA63 (23.9%)0132 (52.6%)<0.001
1 year postpartum
 HBV DNA (log10 copies/mL)3.83±0.477.71±0.803.21±0.20<0.001
 HBV DNA decline ≥ 2 log10 copies/mL from baseline (n, %)00251 (100%)<0.001
 Undetectable HBV DNA64 (24.2%)0151 (60.2%)<0.001

Values are reported as mean ± standard deviation, compared with t test; or number (percentage), compared with chi-square test, unless otherwise indicated. Undetectable HBV DNA: HBV DNA < 103 copies/mL. n, number of patients.