Table 1: COG functional categories of Shewanella algae TYL genome.

COG classDescriptionCount%

DCell cycle control, cell division, chromosome partitioning370.88
MCell wall/membrane/envelope biogenesis2235.16
NCell motility691.73
OPosttranslational modification, protein turnover, and chaperones1934.50
TSignal transduction mechanisms2235.35
UIntracellular trafficking, secretion, and vesicular transport761.80
VDefense mechanisms912.18
WExtracellular structures00.00
ARNA processing and modification20.05
JTranslation, ribosomal structure, and biogenesis1934.64
LReplication, recombination, and repair1836.30
CEnergy production and conversion2776.61
EAmino acid transport and metabolism2585.99
FNucleotide transport and metabolism892.01
GCarbohydrate transport and metabolism1092.60
HCoenzyme transport and metabolism1353.20
ILipid transport and metabolism1112.51
PInorganic ion transport and metabolism2575.99
QSecondary metabolites biosynthesis, transport, and catabolism521.23
RGeneral function prediction only00.00
SFunction unknown1,28829.79