Figure 3: Nononcologic clinical opportunities for lower dose/higher definition imaging enabled by next-generation dPET include (a) neurologic, (b) cardiovascular, and (c) orthopedic/sports medicine indications. Digital PET cases demonstrated were imaged using standard 18F-FDG doses of 448 MBq and 477 MBq for (a) and (b), respectively, and ultralow 18F-FDG dose of 100 MBq for (c). The dPET acquisitions were obtained at 55 min after injection for (a), 53 min after injection for (b), and 60 min after injection for (c). The dPET emission scans were acquired with 90 s per bed position for (a) and (b) but (c) was a limited single bed acquisition for 15 min. Low dose CT attenuation scans were acquired using 120 kV and 50 mA with dose modulation and using iterative iDose4 reconstruction.