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Research Article

Investigation of Newly Prepared Biodegradable 32P-chromic Phosphate-polylactide-co-glycolide Seeds and Their Therapeutic Response Evaluation for Glioma Brachytherapy

Figure 6

Representative immunohistochemical images for frozen glioma slices from xenografted glioma tumours at different time points (day 0.5: (a, b); day 2: (c, d); day 4: (e, f)) after intratumoural implantation of radioactive 32P-CP-PLGA seeds (a, c, e) and nonradioactive P-CP-PLGA seeds (b, d, f). The CD31 was used to label the tumour endothelial cells on blood vessels. The integrin β3 was visualized with Cy3 (red), and CD31 was visualized with fluorescein isothiocyanate (green) under an Olympus fluorescence system, scale bar: 50 μm.