Research Article

Exosome-Derived Circ_0094343 Promotes Chemosensitivity of Colorectal Cancer Cells by Regulating Glycolysis via the miR-766-5p/TRIM67 Axis

Figure 3

Exosome-derived circ_0094343 inhibits the proliferation and glycolysis of HCT116 cells. (a) MTT assay to detect the effect of exosomes on the proliferation rate of HCT116 cells in each group. (b), (c) The role of exosomes in the clone formation of HCT116 cells was measured in each group using clone formation assay. (d)–(f) Related kits to test the effect of exosomes of each group on glucose consumption (d), lactate production (e), and ECAR (f) in HCT116 cells. and .