Research Article

Exosome-Derived Circ_0094343 Promotes Chemosensitivity of Colorectal Cancer Cells by Regulating Glycolysis via the miR-766-5p/TRIM67 Axis

Figure 5

Circ_0094343 acts as a sponge for miR-766-5p. (a) CircRNABase website to predict the targeting sequences of circ_0094343 and miR-766-5p; (b) DLR gene assay to verify the targeting relationship between circ_0094343 and miR-766-5p; (c), (d) RIP experiments for verification of the direct binding of circ_0094343 and miR-766-5p; (e) qRT-PCR for detecting the expression level of miR-766-5p in tissues of the CRC group and adjacent group; (f) Pearson correlation for the analysis of the relationship between circ_0094343 and miR-766-5p expression in CRC tissues; (g) qRT-PCR to measure miR-766-5p expression level in the NC group, exo-vector group and exo-circ group. .