Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine / 2012 / Article / Tab 7

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Identification and Functional Annotation of Genome-Wide ER-Regulated Genes in Breast Cancer Based on ChIP-Seq Data

Table 7

Terms of the enriched GeneGo pathway maps ( -value < 0.01, FDR < 0.05).

GeneGo pathway terms -value

Apoptosis and survival_APRIL and BAFF signaling
Development_prolactin receptor signaling
Development_glucocorticoid receptor signaling
Development_ligand-independent activation of ESR1 and ESR2 0.000295251
Immune response_IL-22 signaling pathway 0.000381484
Development_EPO-induced Jak-STAT pathway 0.000531744
Development_growth hormone signaling via STATs and PLC/IP3 0.000531744
Cytoskeleton remodeling_keratin filaments 0.000622315
Development_GM-CSF signaling 0.000660576
Transcription_transcription regulation of aminoacid metabolism 0.000752764