Table 1: Parameters reflecting the quality of the Dengue polymerase model calculated by PROCHECK [25]. Parameter values represent observed values for the Dengue polymerase model produced by the cavity space-aided approach compared to typical values obtained refined structures at 2.9 Å.

Stereochemical parametersNumber of data pointsParameter valueTypical valueBand widthNumber of band widths from meanQuality compared to structures at 2.9 Å

A: main chain parameters
Percentage residues in A, B, L49071.068.710.00.Inside
Omega angle st dev5459.
Bad contacts/100 residues00.017.910.0−1.8BETTER
Zeta angle st dev5083.
H-bond energy st dev2900.71.00.2−1.7BETTER
Overall G-factor547−1.0−0.80.3−0.9Inside

B: side chain parameters
Chi-1 gauche minus st dev8611.526.36.5−2.3BETTER
Chi-1 trans st dev16811.325.75.3−2.7BETTER
Chi-1 gauche plus st dev20312.124.34.9−2.5BETTER
Chi-1 pooled st dev45712.925.14.8−2.5BETTER
Chi-2 trans st dev10913.525.35.0−2.3BETTER