Figure 5: Seven homology models of LEA client proteins, focused on the regions containing the protein moiety to which the LEA proteins bound, were developed. The sequences, numbered by the full-length protein TAIR locus identifier, are shown annotated by secondary structure elements. Secondary structure annotation was accomplished using the ESPript web utility [59]. β-Sheets are labeled with a solid black arrow, α-helices with medium curly script, β-turns with TT, and 310-helices (η) with small curly script. Sequence number is also indicated in frequency of ten and corresponds to that of the full-length sequence. Below the sequences, the seven homology models of the bound regions only are shown in cartoon representation. The homology models are labeled, as with the sequences, according to the TAIR locus identifier of the full-length protein to which they belong. The homology model PDB files have been included in Supplementary Materials available online at http://dx.doi.org/10.1155/2013/470390.