Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine / 2013 / Article / Fig 2

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Using State Variables to Model the Response of Tumour Cells to Radiation and Heat: A Novel Multi-Hit-Repair Approach

Figure 2

General model structure as a model framework. The structures consisting of boxes and thick arrows symbolise integrators. In the case of extensive quantities, the boxes can be regarded as storage elements and the arrows as flows. The left side of the diagram illustrates the effect of heat, the right side the effect of radiation. The population model is drawn in a simplistic manner. For the MHR model, a chain of population is used (see Section 2.3). In constructing this scheme, we have been critical of attempts to conflate concepts of thermodynamic entropy, statistical entropy, and information. We believe that distinguishing between the three (as caloric, number of configurations and information) leads to advances in understanding systems and processes. See also Corning and Kline [25, 26].