Table 1: Conductivities used in finite element models, with sources.

ComponentConductivity (S/m)Comments/sources

Gray Matter0.09Gabriel et al. [22]
White Matter0.06Gabriel et al. [22]
CSF (ventricle)1.80Baumann et al. [21]
Subarachnoid space1.20Estimated from relative contributions of dura 0.5, CSF 1.8, skull 0.02, blood 0.67, and vessel 0.26 S/m per Gabriel et al. [22]
Skull0.0042Dannhauer et al. [24]
Scalp0.24Estimated from relative contributions of muscle 0.27, skin 0.00046, blood 0.67, vessel 0.26, and fat 0.02 S/m per Gabriel et al. [22]
Tumor-like anomaly in gray matter0.202 times increase over gray matter value
Tumor-like anomaly in white matter0.122 times increase over white matter value
Necrotic region0.01 Oh et al. [27]
Hydrogel electrode0.17Jeon et al. [28]