Table 2: Scenarios performed in the infotainment pilot test.

idScenario nameScenario descriptionTasksRequired abilities

S1Enter the MetaverseIt is required that users type username and password5Memory
S2Change OutfitHaving a second outfit available, users are asked to change from outfit 1 to outfit 25Decision-perception
S3Upload file in MetaverseChoose an image file from the local drive and upload8Information orientation
S4Build 3D ObjectCreate a new cube in the virtual environment5Perception-reflection
S5Scale 3D ObjectScale the cube to make its side equal to 1 m5Perception-reflection
S6Rotate 3D ObjectRotate the cube in , , and using the colored rotation rings8Motor-vision
S7Move 3D ObjectMove the 3D object in 3 directions using the colored moving arrows8Motor-vision
S8Navigate Avatar in Free ModeRotate the head-camera of the avatar in space and then move few steps forward3Visual-motor
S9Navigate Avatar to Sound SourceNavigate the avatar from a random position to the source of the sound4Visual-acoustic-motor-decision-perception
S10Interact with Dynamic ObjectTouch an object with dynamic behaviour2Motor-perception
S11Interact with Multimedia ObjectTouch an object which makes a sound2Motor-perception
S12Initiate Chat with Another UserLocate another user in the Metaverse and send a “Hello” message5Perception-verbal
S13Share Folder with Another UserShare folder with another user9Information orientation-memory