Research Article

A Computational Model for Investigating Tumor Apoptosis Induced by Mesenchymal Stem Cell-Derived Secretome

Figure 6

Simulation result of avascular tumor development without secretome. (a) The evolution of tumor growth patterns at days. Red: necrotic cells; blue: quiescent cells; green: viable cells. (b) The distribution of microenvironmental factors (nutrient, fibronectin, MDE, and growth inhibitory factors) at days. (c) The thickness of viable and quiescent rims in comparison with the necrotic core and tumor radii during the first 20 days. : tumor radius; : thickness of viable rim; : thickness of quiescent rim; : necrotic core radius. (d) The volume as function of time fitted with Gompertz model. The circles are the simulation result and the solid curve is Gompertz curve with parameters = 1.13 and = 0.11. These parameter values are found using the least square technique.