Figure 9: Effects of 30 μM E3G on atrial cell action potentials for -WT and -p.I141V conditions (MGTG cell model). (a), (b), and (c) Simulated APs (Top of the panels) and the cardiac sodium currents (Bottom of the panels) in WT, heterozygous -p.I141V, and heterozygous -p.I141V + 30 μM conditions at 1 Hz cycle length. Arrows: external stimulus. (d) and (e) Strength-duration curves in the MGTG cell model for -WT and heterozygous -p.I141V conditions with or without 30 μM E3G (inset, zoom on the strength-duration curves). (f) Excitation thresholds at 2 ms stimulus duration in the MGTG atrial AP or without 30 μM E3G.