Research Article

Transitioning to a Data Driven Mental Health Practice: Collaborative Expert Sessions for Knowledge and Hypothesis Finding

Table 3

All acquired data entities and their sources, type, structuredness, and number of records (rounded to the nearest hundred or thousand).

Source Data entity Type Structured/unstructured Number of records

EPR () Diagnosis Categoric Structured 5,800
() Treatment plan Categoric, textual Both 6,500
() Medication prescriptions Categoric, numeric Structured 22,000
() Routine Outcome Monitoring Numeric, textual Both 13,000
() Admission information Categoric Structured 5,400
() Daily reports Textual Unstructured 150,000

Incident report system () Aggression incident reports Categoric, textual Both 1,200

External () Census data Numeric Structured 21,000
() Geographic data Numeric Structured 5,000