Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine / 2018 / Article / Fig 3

Research Article

Calculating the Mean Amplitude of Glycemic Excursions from Continuous Glucose Data Using an Open-Code Programmable Algorithm Based on the Integer Nonlinear Method

Figure 3

Screenshot of the graphical user interface of the MAGECAA v1.0 based on the MATLAB® programming environment for the mean amplitude of glycemic excursions (MAGE) calculation. After computation, 24-hour continuous glucose monitoring profiles are shown in the plots with all valid extreme points joined by straight lines. Besides the calculation of MAGE, it also calculates the standard deviation of blood glucose (SDBG), the average of all upward valid excursions (MAGE+), the average of all downward valid excursions (MAGE), and the average of all valid excursions (MAGEa). The CGM data were collected from patients with type 1 diabetes. After calculation, the results are as follows: SDBG = 1.63 mmoles/L, MAGE+ = 4.43 mmoles/L, MAGE = 4.63 mmoles/L, MAGEc = 4.43 mmoles/L (the first account excursion is from nadir to peak), and MAGEa = 4.53 mmoles/L.