Research Article

[Retracted] Downregulated Expression of miRNA-130a-5p Aggravates Hepatoma Progression via Targeting PTP4A2

Figure 3

PTP4A2 is overexpressed in hepatoma tissues and associated with poor survival. (a) Venn diagram revealing 15 putative genes targeting miRNA-130a-5p based on starbase, Diana, miRDB, and miRWalk. (b) Expression levels of PTP4A2 in hepatoma tissues, as determined by qRT-PCR. (c) Spearman correlation analysis revealed the association between miRNA-130a-5p and PTP4A2 gene in 40 hepatoma specimens. (d) GEPIA database showed that PTP4A2 was increased in hepatoma tissues. (e) Kaplan-Meier curves for the survival rates of hepatoma patients with different PTP4A2 levels based on GEPIA database. (f) Dual-luciferase reporter activities of the cells transfected with WT-PTP4A2-3UTR or MUT-PTP4A2-3UTR as well as LV-miRNA-130a-5p, si-miRNA-130a-5p, or NC. (g) The target sequences of WT-PTP4A2-3UTR and MUT-PTP4A2-3UTR. (h, i) Expression levels of PTP4A2 in cells transfected with si-miRNA-130a-5p or NC and LV-miRNA-130a-5p or NC, as detected by qRT-PCR. ; ; . All values are shown as .