Research Article

[Retracted] Downregulation of miR-146a-5p Promotes Acute Pancreatitis through Activating the TLR9/NLRP3 Signaling Pathway by Targeting TRAF6 In Vitro Rat Model

Figure 4

miR-146a-5p downregulation promotes the progression of pancreatitis via the TLR9/TRAF6/NLRP3 signaling pathway. (a–c) ELISA detected the levels of inflammatory factors in the culture medium. (d) The CCK8 assay detected proliferation. (e) FCM detected cell death. (f) Western blot detected the levels of TRAF6, TLR9, ASC, NLRP3, pro-caspase-1, cleaved-caspase-1 and GSDMD. Band analysis software is ImageJ (version 1.8.0_172). , , and . The experiments were repeated three times, the statistical test was a two-tailed test, and errors bars in the figures represent standard deviation (SD).