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[Retracted] Krüppel-Like Factor 6 Downregulation Is Connected with a Poor Prognosis and Tumor Growth in Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer

Figure 5

KLF6 overexpression induced cell apoptosis, possibly by activating caspase-3. (a) The Annexin V/PI staining results were analyzed with flow cytometry to assess cell apoptosis in KLF6-overexpression or vector control A549 and H322 cells. (b) The histogram exhibited knowingly enhanced that apoptotic A549 and H322 cell percentages in the KLF6-overexpression groups when compared to the control groups with KLF6 overexpression, . (c) WB analysis revealed an upregulation of cleaved caspase-3 protein expressed when KLF6 was overexpressed in A549 and H322 cells. Loading control: GAPDH. (d) Representative images from 10 NSCLC cases immunostained for cleaved caspase-3 or KLF6 (×400), scale bar: 50 μm. The two paraffin sections were adjacent sections from one patient. (e) Pearson correlation analysis showed a positive link with the expression of KLF6 and cleaved caspase-3 protein expression in lung cancer tissues, , .