Research Article

Exploring the Limitations of Peripheral Blood Transcriptional Biomarkers in Predicting Influenza Vaccine Responsiveness

Figure 3

Additional validation of the 207 transcripts biomarker. The graph represents samples classification by means of the 207 transcripts biomarker of subjects included in the testing group of [11], which is related to the TIV vaccination campaigns of 2009, 2010, and 2011 (set #3). Nodes represent subjects and the length of connecting edges is proportional to the distance between subjects’ signatures. Node colors indicate subjects’ class (green for low responders and red for high responders). Node labels indicate the year of the vaccination campaign, sample class (H for high responders and L for low responders), and sample identifier. Four out of 21 subjects were misclassified (subjects 2009_H68, 2010_H58, 2011_H1133, and 2009_L32).