Research Article

Rhythms of the Collective Brain: Metastable Synchronization and Cross-Scale Interactions in Connected Multitudes

Figure 2

Signatures of criticality. (a) Ranked probability distribution function of the inferred Ising models for the different frequency bands (solid lines) versus a distribution following Zipf’s law (i.e., , dashed lines). (b) Heat capacity versus temperature for the inferred Ising models for different frequency bands. Temperature is the point where our models are poised, coinciding with a divergence of the heat capacity. Lines are shifted vertically in order to facilitate visualization. (c) Divergence of the normalized heat capacity with the size of the system, showing (top) the peaks of the normalized heat capacity averaged over 100 Ising models at for sizes 6, 9, and 12 (dashed lines) and 15 (solid line) and (bottom) linear trend of the peak maxima of the averaged heat capacity for sizes 5 to 15. Grey areas represent the error bars.