Table 3: Different color regions and the corresponding attractor types.

ColorsCoexisting attractor typesExamples in Figure 4

Blue and forest greenRight- and left-point attractorsFigure 4(a)
Cyan and lime greenRight- and left-period-1 limit cycles with small sizeFigure 4(b)
Cadet blue and lawn greenLeft- and right-period-1 limit cycles with large sizeFigure 4(c)
Tan and yellowLeft- and right-multi-period limit cyclesFigure 4(d)
Orchid and coralLeft- and right-chaotic spiral attractorsFigure 4(e)
Medium slate blue and fuchsiaLeft- and right-half-baked double-scroll chaotic attractorsFigure 4(f)
RedStandard double-scroll chaotic attractorFigure 4(g)
BlackUnbounded orbitFigure 4(h)