Table 2: Summary of a Gaussian location scale additive model fitted to the similarity ratings in the MEN dataset, with as predictor the correlation of word’s semantic vectors in the matrix. TPRS: thin plate regression spline. b: the minimum standard deviation for the logb link function. Location: parameter estimating the mean; scale: parameter estimating the variance through the logb link function ().

A. parametric coefficients Estimate Std. Error t-value p-value
Intercept [location] 25.2990 0.1799 140.6127 0.0001
Intercept [scale] 2.1297 0.0149 143.0299 0.0001

B. smooth terms edf Ref.df F-value p-value
TPRS [location] 8.3749 8.8869 2766.2399 0.0001
TPRS [scale] 5.9333 7.0476 87.5384 0.0001