Research Article

Retailer’s Optimal Procurement Strategy under Supply Disruption and Stochastic Demand: Backup Sourcing or Simultaneous Sourcing

Table 1

Literature reviews of backup (simultaneous) sourcing models under supply disruption.

AuthorsSupply disruptionDemandBackup sourcingSimultaneous sourcing

Hou et al. [1]PartialDet.
Li [3]BinomialDet.WPP-SR
Giri and Bardhan [5]BinomialSto.WPP-DR
Silbermayr and Minner [6]BinomialDet.
Kumar et al. [9]BinomialDet.
Zeng and Xia [10]PartialSto.
Tang et al. [12]BinomialDet.
Yin and Wang [15]BinomialDet.WPP-SR
Hou et al. [16]BinomialDet.WPP-SR
Qi [17]BinomialDet.WPP-SR
Zhang and Wang [19]BinomialSto.WPP-DR
Yu et al. [18]BinomialDet.WPP-SR
Present paperPartialSto.WPP-DR, WPP-SR

Note. For convenience, let terms Det. and Sto. denote deterministic and stochastic, respectively.