Table 1: Sample characteristics ( ).

Socio-demographic characteristics

Age in years: Mean (± SD)
Sex ratio (men) (%) 73.8%
Education level (%): 12 y57.6%

Clinical characteristics

Disease duration in years: Mean (± SD)
PANSS* total score: Mean (± SD)
Positive factor
Negative factor
General psychopathology factor

Second generation antipsychotics (%)86.7%

Metabolic syndrome criteria

Hyperglycemia (%)16.7%
Low HDL cholesterol (%)35.7%
High triglycerides (%)22.6%
Hypertension (%)39.9%
Abdominal obesity (%)46.4%

Fagerstrom Test: Mean (± SD)

Alcohol dependence or abuse (%)27.5%

Cognitive assessment: Mean (± SD)

Span of apprehension
List A, trial 1
Verbal learning
Total recall Trials 1–5, List A
Short-term memory
Short delay free recall
Short delay cued recall
Long-term memory
Long delay free recall
Long delay cued recall
Rate of forgetting
Short-long-delay free recall