Table 3: Ultrasound assessment of extra- and intracranial macrocirculation.


Extracranial circulation
 CCA-Dsys, cm (mean, SD)0.68 (0.09)0.65 (0.10)
 CCA-Ddia, cm (mean, SD)0.65 (0.09)0.62 (0.09)
 CCA-Dmean, cm (mean, SD)0.66 (0.09)0.63 (0.10)
 CCA-PSV, cm/sec (mean, SD)38.9 (9.6)40.7 (8.7)
 CCA-EDV, cm/sec (mean, SD)7.3 (3.8)9.0 (3.9)
 CCA-MFV, cm/sec (mean, SD)17.8 (5.1)19.6 (5.2)
 ICA-PSV, cm/sec (mean, SD)53.7 (18.0)55.2 (12.5)
 ICA-EDV, cm/sec (mean, SD) 16.0 (8.6)15.0 (6.6)
 ICA-MFV, cm/sec (mean, SD)28.6 (9.9)28.3 (7.8)
 CCA-IMTmean, mm (mean, SD)0.8 (0.2)0.9 (0.2)

Intracranial circulation
 MCA-MFV, cm/sec (mean, SD)35.4 (10.5)35.6 (12.0)
 MCA PI (mean, SD)1.15 (0.25)1.13 (0.24)

CCA-Dsys: (CCA diameter, peak-systolic), CCA-Ddia: (CCA diameter, end-diastolic), CCA-Dmean: (CCA diameter mean), CCA-PSV: (CCA peak-systolic flow velocity, CCA-EDV: (CCA end-diastolic flow velocity, CCA-MFV: (CCA mean-flow velocity), ICA-PSV: (ICA peak-systolic flow velocity), ICA-EDV: (ICA end-diastolic flow velocity), ICA-MFV: (ICA mean-flow velocity), MCA-MFV: (MCA mean-flow velocity), MCA PI: (MCA pulsatility index).