Case Report

Workup and Management of Persistent Neuralgia following Nerve Block

Table 1

Seddon-Sunderland Classification of Nerve Injuries [1].

Degree of injuryType of injuryCharacteristics

1NeuropraxiaTemporary conduction block with preserved axonal continuity.
Nerve conducts normally above and below injury, but not across it.

2AxonotmesisContinuity of endoneurial sheath, with Wallerian degeneration distal to the lesion. Regenerating axon will restore innervation to original target.

3Neurotmesis with intact perineuriumConcealed intrafascicular lesion with preserved continuity of fasciculi, but discontinuity of nerve axons.

4Neurotmesis with intact epineuriumDestruction of fascicular structure with nerve trunk continuity, a strand of disorganized tissue. Requires excision and nerve repair.

5Complete neurotmesisLoss of continuity of complete nerve including epineurium, perineurium, endoneurium, and axons.