Table 1: Past cases of single anomalous LAD artery originating from the RCA.

ReferenceAge, genderPresenting symptomTreatment modalityOther CCAAs present

Tuncer et al. [1]63, FAnginaNo interventionNo
Tuncer et al. [1]66, MAnginaBypass graftYes
Tuncer et al. [1]55, MAnginaNo interventionNo
Nascimento et al. [2]57, MAnginaNo interventionNo
Ono et al. [3]66, FAnginaBypass graftNo
Ono et al. [3]42, MAnginaBypass graftNo
Masuda et al. [4]76, MAnginaStentYes
Weiguo et al. [5]67, MAnginaStentNo
Russo et al. [6]51, FAnginaNo interventionNo

Anomalous LAD artery was not the source of angina; hence, anomalous LAD artery did not require intervention and may be considered an incidental finding.