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Case Report

Bent Metal in a Bone: A Rare Complication of an Emergent Procedure or a Deficiency in Skill Set?

Table 1

Complications associated with IO access.

StudyType of studyPopulation studiedNumber of IO placementsNumber/percentage of major or minor complicationsNumber and type of major or minor complication

Hallas et al. (2013) [2]Online questionnaireNewborns to adults861 (reporting EZ-IO only)448/52%25, extravasation
11, bent or broken needle
6, compartment syndrome
Lee et al. (2015) [4]Prospective observational studyUnspecified, adults333/9.09%1, extravasation and skin necrosis
1, pain
1, dislodged needle
Hafner et al. (2013) [5]Randomized prospective crossover experimentMixed breed swine214/19%3, unsuccessful infusion
1, extravasation
Paxton et al. (2009) [6]Prospective cohortUnspecified3017/57%11, catheter dislodgement
3, inability to flush
2, failed attempt to place catheter
1, slow flow
Helm et al. (2015) [7]Retrospective analysisNewborns to adults2274/1.7%2, needle dislocation
1, needle bending
1, extravasation