Case Reports in Dentistry / 2013 / Article / Tab 1

Case Report

Surgical Orthodontic Treatment of Severe Skeletal Class II

Table 1

Cephalometric analysis.

Area of studyMeasurementMeanPretreatmentPosttreatment

Sagittal relationshipSNA82°87°84°
N Pg/FH87°73°86°
Wits appraisal−1–0 mm26 mm5 mm
Pg to NB dist.2-3 mm0 mm3 mm

Vertical relationship (divergency)Mand. Pl. to FH25°39°33°
Mand. Pl. to SN32°48°45°
axis S Gn/SN60°–66°77°63°
Lower face height64 mm85 mm74 mm

Dental relationship (incisor position)U Inc. to SN103°119°109°
U Inc. to NA22°32°25°
U Inc. to NA dist.4 mm6 mm3 mm
U Inc. to L Inc.130°–132°86°109°
L Inc. to Mand.90°105°95°
L Inc. to NB25°44°36°
L Inc. to NB dist.4 mm10 mm10 mm

Soft tissue relationshipUpper lip to E-line −4 mm9.3 mm3.8 mm
Lower lip to E-line−2 mm7 mm0 mm
Nasolabial angle 90°–110°77°93°