Case Report

Skeletal Muscle Metastasis as an Initial Presentation of Follicular Thyroid Carcinoma: A Case Report and a Review of the Literature

Table 1

Cases of skeletal muscle metastasis secondary to thyroid carcinoma reported from 1990–2012.

after diagnosis of skeletal metastasis

Bae et al. [4]31 years femaleVastus medialis Classical PTCSurgical resection + RAI24 months
Chaffanjon et al. [5]53 years Gluteus maximus Classical PTCSurgical resection + RAINA
Panoussopoulos et al. [6]NATrapezoidFTCSurgical resection + RAINA
Bruglia et al. [7]44 years maleBiceps femorisClassical PTCSurgical resection + RAI24 months
Qiu et al. [8]NAErector spinae FTCSurgical resection + RAINA
Zhao et al. [9]NARectus abdominisClassical PTCSurgical resection + RAINA
Present case45 years female Gluteus mediusFTCEBRT + TT + RAI Alive at 9 months

NA: not available, RAI: radioactive iodine ablation, EBRT: external beam radiation therapy, TT: total thyroidectomy, PTC: papillary thyroid carcinoma, and FTC: follicular thyroid carcinoma.