Case Reports in Endocrinology / 2015 / Article / Tab 1

Case Report

Thyroid Sporadic Goiter with Adult Heterotopic Bone Formation

Table 1

Clinical features of the 5 patients with adult bone metaplasia.

Age (years)GenderEuthyroidPunctionPresurgical diagnosisCardiovascular diseaseDyslipidemiaDiabetesOsteoarticular diseaseImpaired renal functionBMIType of thyroid surgeryMorphological diagnosisPostsurgical hypocalcemia

151WNoNoToxic goiterAHT, tachycardia cardiomegalyNANoOdontoid chondrocalcinosis, C4–C7 arthrosisNo31.3Right and left thyroid lobectomiesSporadic goiterYes

233WYesNoMultinodular goiter (trachea deviation)NoNANoNoYes32Total thyroidectomySporadic goiterNo

363WYesNoMultinodular goiterAHT, mitral stenosisYesYesNoYes22.5Total thyroidectomySporadic goiterYes

483WNoNoLeft cystic nodule (trachea deviation)AHTNANoOsteoporosisYes26.4Left thyroid lobectomyGoiter with adenoma-like noduleNo

571WYesYesCompressive cyst AHTYesNoArthrosis, serum vitamin D OH 25D1 D3 insufficiency, and hyperuricemiaNo41.9Right thyroidectomyFollicular adenoma, cystic changeYes

BMI: body mass index, NA: nonavailable, W: woman, and AHT: arterial hypertension.
The punction was performed for evacuating the cyst (65 mL); no cytological analysis was performed (Case 5).
Hyperthyroidism was diagnosed in Cases 1 and 4 and treated by carbimazole and thyroxin for 1.5 years in Case 1 and by carbimazole only in Case 4 (for 15 days due to temporary drug unavailability).
Decreased serum creatinine was diagnosed in Case 2, hypocalcemia and hypoalbuminemia were diagnosed in Case 3, and renal failure was diagnosed in Case 4. The type of dyslipidemia was not available in Case 3 and consisted in hypercholesterolemia and hyper-LDL-emia in Case 5. Cases 4 and 5 showed fluctuant hyperglycemia. Case 3 diabetes was type II.
Case 4 showed a history of sigmoidectomy for diverticulosis (date NA), gastric resection for gastrointestinal stromal tumor (date NA), and breast cancer (treated by surgery, radiotherapy, and hormonotherapy). Case 5 showed a history of appendectomy and skin papillomas. Case 3 showed hypoacusia (prosthesis).
There was no alcohol abuse in any of the cases; smoking habits (10 PA) were noted in Case 2. A treatment with propranolol was known for Case 1 and with atorvastatin, metformin, Lectil, beta-histidine chlorhydrate, metformin, glimepiride, hydroxyzine (allergy to penicillin and cetirizine), alendronic acid, spironolactone, atenolol, and zolpidem for Case 4. Allergy to fish and amoxicillin was known in Case 5, to penicillin and cetirizine in Case 3, and to penicillin and aspirin in Case 4.