Table 1: Comparison of laboratory examinations of patient for day 1 and day 2 of presentations in emergency room.

Lab valueDay 1Day 2

Calcium10.6 mg/dL8.7 mg/dL
Blood urea nitrogen9 mg/dL141 mg/dL
Creatinine0.8 mg/dL9.2 mg/dL
Lipase50 units/L5036 units/L
Total bilirubin1.2 mg/dL1.6 mg/dL
Direct bilirubin<0.1 mg/dL0.1 mg/dL
ALT27 units/L30 units/L
AST49 units/L97 units/L
Alkaline phosphatase130 units/LNot Performed
White blood cells (WBCs)9800/mm319800/mm3
Hemoglobin14.5 gm/dL13.4 gm/dL
Aptt27.2 seconds24.8 seconds
PT11 seconds10.2 seconds