Case Report

Endoscopic Observation of the Growth Process of a Right-Side Sessile Serrated Adenoma/Polyp with Cytological Dysplasia to an Invasive Submucosal Adenocarcinoma

Figure 1

((a) and (b)) Conventional endoscopic view of a sessile serrated adenoma/polyp (SSA/P) in the cecum. The SSA/P was observed as a whitish laterally spreading soft lesion (approximately 25 mm in diameter) that harbored a small nodule with adhesion of some blood (approximately 5 mm in diameter). ((c) and (d)) Chromoendoscopic view of an SSA/P stained with indigo carmine. The edges and a small nodule of the lesion are emphasized. (e) Endoscopic view of an SSA/P with narrow-band imaging. (f) A pattern with a central dark area surrounded by a clear lighter area, so-called circular pattern with dots, was observed mostly. (g) A central light area surrounded by a dark outer area, so-called round-oval pattern, was observed in a small nodule.