Table 1: Test results for initial and differential diagnoses.

Laboratory examResultReference values

ANANegative>INM 02
 MPONegative>INM 08
 PR3Negative>INM 08
Polyspecific direct coombsPositive (3+)
Monospecific direct coombs
 IgGPositive (3+)
 C3dPositive (2+)
Chromogranin A142.0 ng/mL1.9–15.0
Rheumatoid factorNegative>INM 05
Gastrin927.0 ng/L0–100
VIH 1-2 Ab + Ag p24Not reactive
Haptoglobin99 mg/dL5–220
Full hepatitis panel (HBV/HCV)Not reactive
CMVIgG negative
IgM negative
HSV 1 and 2IgG negative
IgM negative
VDRLNot reactive>INM 10
Bone marrow aspiration/biopsy Hyperplastic bone marrow with signs of peripheral thrombocytosis