Table 3: Clinical features, follow-up, and management in in situ MCL lesions.

Case numberAgeSite of biopsyManagementFollow-upStatusCD5Concurrent malignancyRef

170 MCervical lymph nodeW&W4 yearsOvert MCL[8]
265 FLNChemotherapy0.5 yearsAND[12]
365 MAppendixW&W4 yearsOvert MCL+[12]
466 MPelvic LNW&W4 yearsOvert MCL+Prostate cancer[12]
568 MLN, mediastinalW&W1 yearAWDNot tested[12]
682 MOropharynxW&W3 yearsAWD+CLL/SLL[12]
782 MLymph nodeChemotherapy1.5 yearsAND+CLL/SLL[12]
880 MInguinal LNChemotherapyN/AN/A+CLL/SLL[12]
942 FCervical lymph nodeW&W1 yearAlive with no disease (AND)Breast cancer[12]
1078 FLacrimal glandNot available (NA)NANA+NA[12]
1142 MSupraclavicular LNRadiotherapy1.7 yearsANDCastleman disease[12]
1258 MIntestineChemotherapy1.4 yearsAND+none[12]
1342 FLN, axillary/inguinal, GITChemotherapy6 yearsAND+[13]
1470 FLN, submandibularW&W12 yearsAWD in Peripheral blood (PB)+Nonspecific granulomas[14]
1559 MCervical lymph nodeW&W5 yearsANDPapillary thyroid cancer[15]
1680 MCervical LNChemotherapy1.5 yearsDied+FL[15]
1765 FIntramammary LNChemotherapy5 yearsAND+FL[15]
1865 M AppendixW&W4 yearsMCL +NA[15]
1968 MMediastinal LNW&W1 yearANDNA [15]
2041 FInguinal lymph node (LN)Watch and Wait (W&W)19.5 yearsAlive with disease (AWD)none[16]
2172 FCervical lymph nodeRadiotherapy2 yearsAND+Breast cancer[17]
2234 MLeft supraclavicular LNChemotherapy1 monthDied+FL[18]

W&W: watch and wait.
AND: alive with no disease.
AWD: alive with disease.
NA: nonavailable.
CLL: chronic lymphocytic leukemia.
SLL: small lymphocytic lymphoma.
LN: lymph node.
GIT: gastrointestinal tract.