Case Report

Fatal Epstein-Barr Virus Reactivation in an Acquired Aplastic Anemia Patient Treated with Rabbit Antithymocyte Globulin and Cyclosporine A

Table 1

Reported cases of EBV-LPD after ATG therapy for aplastic anemia.

Case numberAge/sexSourceOther ISTHistopathologyTherapyOutcomeReferences

238/MR→HCsANA (IM)Rit.Resolved[5]
342/FH→RCsADLBCLRit., CPMResolved[6]
455/MHNonePlasma cell hyperplasiaRit.Resolved[7]
555/MRCsAEBV-LPD (colon)NoneResolved[8]
Present case81/MRCsANARit.Dead

H: horse; R: rabbit; NA: not available; IM: infectious mononucleosis; DLBCL: diffuse large B-cell lymphoma; Rit.: rituximab; CPM: cyclophosphamide.
The patient developed acute myeloid leukemia later and died.