Case Report

Does the Maternal Serum IgG Level during Pregnancy in Primary Antibody Deficiency Influence the IgG Level in the Newborn?

Table 1

Summary of serum/cord blood total IgG and specific IgG levels against pneumococcal polysaccharides, H. influenzae b, and tetanus toxoid in patients and their babies.

Test (units)Patient 1Baby of patient 1Transfer ratioPatient 2Baby of patient 2Transfer ratio

IgG (g/L)
Pneumococcal antibody ug/mL
(protective level >20 ug/mL) sample
H. influenzae antibody ug/mL
(protective level >0.15 ug/mL)
0.10Insufficient sample
Tetanus antibody u/mL
(protective level >0.01 u/mL)
0.310.431.390.24Insufficient sample

Normal range of serum IgG for adults: 6.0–16.0 g/L.
Normal range of cord blood IgG: 5.2–18.0 g/L.