Case Report

IPEX Syndrome with Normal FOXP3 Protein Expression in Treg Cells in an Infant Presenting with Intractable Diarrhea as a Single Symptom

Table 1

Results of initial laboratory investigations.

ResultNormal values

Hemoglobin6796–124 g/L
White blood cells20.516.5–13.3 × 109/L
Platelet508244–529 × 109/L
pCO241.735–48 mmHg
Base excess−4.7−4.0–2.0 mmol/L
HCO312.816–24 mmol/L
Total protein43.962–78 g/L
Albumin21.736–49 g/L
Glucose5.43.3–5.6 mmol/L
IgG3.450.80–5.12 g/L
IgA0.450.03–0.42 g/L
IgM0.200.23–0.96 g/L
IgE951–110 IU/mL
Stool calprotectin99<50 mcg/g