Case Report

Liver Injury with Features Mimicking Autoimmune Hepatitis following the Use of Black Cohosh

Table 2

Current case studies: past medical history, serological tests, and other pertinent laboratory data.

Case 1Case 2

Past medical historyViral or non-viral hepatitisAbsentAbsent
Alcohol consumptionAbsentAbsent

Serological testsAnti-HAV IgMAbsentAbsent
Anti-HAV totalAbsentAbsent
HBV surface antigenAbsentAbsent
Anti-HBV coreAbsentAbsent
Anti-HBV surfaceAbsentAbsent
EBV Ca IgMAbsentAbsent
EBV Ca IgGAbsentAbsent
EBV Na IgGAbsentAbsent
EBV IgGAbsentAbsent
Anti-CMV IgMAbsentAbsent

HCV RNA PCRNegativeNegative

Other laboratory valuesIron (normal: 50–70 μg/dL for women)169 μg/dL137 μg/dL
Ferritin (normal: 15–200 ng/mL in women)642 ng/mL1527 ng/mL
HFE gene analysisNegativeNegative