Case Report

Colon Mucinous Adenocarcinoma in Childhood: A Case Report with Emphasis on Image Findings

Figure 1

Abdominal X-ray (A) showing a soft-tissue mass with no calcification, on the right flank and mesogastrium, with inferior deviation of the bowel. Abdominal US (B) demonstrates a hypoechoic stenosing mass (curved arrow) measuring about 7.7 centimeters at greatest diameter, in the right colon. Enlarged mesenteric lymph nodes were also identified (arrows). CT of the abdomen (C) confirmed the presence of an infiltrating tumor, slightly enhanced by the contrast media (curved arrow), extending from the cecum to the hepatic flexure on the right colon wall, causing bowel lumen reduction and irregularity (black arrow). The adjacent meso and abdominal wall were also involved.