Case Report

Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura Associated with Mixed Connective Tissue Disease: A Case Report

Table 2

Characteristics of TTP in patients with MCTD.

AgeSexDuration of MTCD(years)ProdromeTreatmentPrognosisReference

29F5Chest pain, fever, loin pain, confusionPDNDied (2 days)[13]
33F2Flu-like syndromePDN, FFP, vincristin, prostacyclinAlive[14]
40F2Headache, confusion, seizurePE, PDN, vincristin, aspirinDied (12 days)[15]
55F?Fever, confusion, seizure, coma, myocardial infarctionPE, PDNAlive[16]
64F8Headache, confusion seizure, comaPE, PDNDied (45 days)[17]
15M?Headache, visual blurring, vomiting, ParesthesiaPE, PDN, vincristin, cyclosporineAlive[18]
73F10Confusion, comaPE, PDNDied (34 days)[19]
46F2Fever, headachePE, PDN, aspirin, Cyclophosphamide, rituximabAlive[20]
24F<1Laboratory detectionPEAlive[21]
42F4Headache, confusion seizure, coma, Fever, vomiting, hematuriaFFP, PDNAliveThis case

F: female, M: male, PDN: prednisone or prednisolone, FFP: fresh frozenplasma, PE: plasma exchange.