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Case Report

Lymphangitic Pulmonary Metastases in Castrate-Resistant Prostate Adenocarcinoma

Table 1

Previously reported cases of lymphangitic pulmonary metastasis of prostate cancer.

ReferenceStatus of PC at time of lymphangitic spreadInitial pulmonary presentationLung biopsyOutcome

Miseria et al. [2]Hormone sensitiveDiffuse interstitial infiltrate with reticulonodular patternDoneClearing of infiltrates with ADT
Rossi et al. [3]Hormone sensitiveBilateral multiple small nodulesDoneGiven ADT, outcome not reported
K. S. Miller and J. M. Miller [4]Hormone sensitiveDiffuse, bilateral, reticulonodular infiltrateDoneNot reported
Cohen et al. [5]Hormone sensitiveBilateral interstitial infiltratesDoneReceived ADT followed by chemotherapy with radiographic improvement
Heffner et al. [6]After failing first-line hormonal therapy with DESLarge bilateral effusions with interstitial infiltrateDoneSecond-line hormonal therapy given
Arriero et al. [7]Hormone sensitiveBilateral interstitial densities with perihilar predominanceDoneImprovement with ADT but suffered SCD of unknown cause 4 months later
Schwarz et al. [8]Developed after failing first-line therapyDiffuse infiltrations and nodularityDoneImprovement after orchiectomy

ADT: androgen deprivation therapy, DES: diethylstilbestrol, SCD: sudden cardiac death.